How to Fix Gmail Keeps Signing Me Out

Staying signed in to your Gmail account assists you to use Google services as soon as you open them. If you have a problem of Gmail keeps signing me out try the fixes discussed below.

  • Check if your cookies are turned on or not. Always make sure that cookies are turned on. Sometimes, an antivirus or related software deletes your cookies.
  • If you don’t find any problem with the cookie and they are turned on then clear your browser’s cache memory. Remember if you delete your cookies you will lost the save settings for the sites you have visited but it will resolve the problem.
  • Always use the latest version of your browser. An updated version removes all the bugs and fix many issues.
  • Use a browser that remembers passwords for you like Google Chrome.
  • Always add trusted computers for a two-step verification.

Steps to stay signed in to Gmail

  • Click on the 3 dots at the upper right corner and go to settings.
  • Go to show advanced settings.
  • Click on privacy and go to content settings.
  • Fill in “Allow local data to be set” for cookies.
  • Under the cookies, click on “Manage exceptions”.
  • Fill in “allow all sites to run Java Script” for Java script.
  • Under the java script, click “Manage exceptions”.

When you need to stay signed out

You remain signed in to your Gmail account, until you sign out. If you use a public computer or someone else’s device, try to browse in private. After you have completed your work, close all the windows you have browsed through.

If you are using others devices to login to Gmail, don’t forget to sign out from their device for privacy issues. Follow the below steps to sign out from someone else’s device:

  • Go to your Google account and from the left-hand panel click on security.
  • From the “Your devices” panel go to “manage devices”.
  • Select a device and click on remove.

If you are using a non-Google account and want to stay signed out, then follow these steps:

  • From your browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Windows Explorer) turn off the saved passwords. Before doing this, check out that your recovery info is updated for your Google account and other services.
  • Go to your Browser’s cache and cookies and clear them. Removing cookies solves the issue but removes your saved settings for the sites you have visited.

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